- the definitive gross floor areas of premises and weights under ceiling can vary from 4 % with regard to the plans.
- the definitive dimensions of spaces can vary by 10 % in the plans.
- concrete structure equipped
- work ribbed
- foreign walls in double partitions including heat insulation
- white marble ground for the stays + local marble for chambers.
- wardrobe walls in earthenwares of 1st choice (Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower-room)
- local marble for staircases, thresholds, window sills and corridors.
- ledge in staff for lounges, chambers and corridors.
-Waterproofs in SP4 (bathroom, WC, terrace).
- the main doors of massive wooden apartments, the internal doors with wood of 1st choice.
- the exterior joinery in double aluminum glazing and electric roller blind
- hardware of high quality.
- paint with filler putty
- plumbing in multicasts, white sanitary equipment in high quality.
- standard faucet factory in high quality.
- central heating.
- air conditioning in Split system in the stays and the chambers.
- standards electricity.
- meadow digital parabolic installation.
NB: these conditions are established before the execution of the works, it can have some modifications of equivalent quality.